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What is Tykn?

Tykn is modern certification & authentication made simple. It can be used to prove the existance and authenticity of any digital document, such as certificates issued by a verified authority or transcripts issued by a universitiy.

Certified Documents
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How does it work?

When an important digital file is issued, the issuer can certify it with Tykn as an original document. The file's fingerprint is then permanently embedded a decentralized peer to peer network. The document can be checked for it's authenticity by dragging it from the desktop to Tykn's web interface. A file's digital fingerprint is unique to every file, small modifications (even by 1 pixel) to the original file changes its fingerprint entirely. The exact file (Its fingerprint) must already exist in the network for it to be verified as authentic. When a file is forged or modified, it contains a different fingerprint. A certificate that is uploaded with a date changed will not have its fingerprint in the network, and is therefore identifed as unoriginal or uncertified.

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